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Is there a place where I may sit and contemplate the many fine individuals who have left this land. That time has come when I must take stock, and then move forward. So many are missing from my band of warriors, I fear for the nation’s future. But then they say that no one knows the future. Perhaps that is right, but I doubt it.

For I know I will die, and so I fear for those who follow in my foot steps. Where will they find succour when we have lost so many today. Forester may we rest here a while.

Why I thank you sir, ‘tis a seat fit for a king. A king who has won a battle but not the war.

Now arise my merry band, we ride to Hastings, our duty to perform.

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  1. He is able to sit and contemplate all the men he has lost in the battle and knows that he hasn’t won the war. I wonder if he has enough men left to win the war? Great story Mike!

    1. Thank you PJ. He would die from a arrow, and so a Norman king ‘William the Conqueror’ would rule England. In my story I tried to imagine how Harold Godwinson [King Harold the second] felt before meeting the Norman king in battle.

        1. Glad you enjoyed it, it was a bit philosophical. It was my take on Harold Godwinson as he rested and prepared to deal with a Norman invasion of his kingdom. Harold Godwinson was also known as King Harold the second, the last Saxon king of England..

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