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The Reflection

Copyright C Eayr
Photo Copyright C E Ayer

The space ship reminded him of a hall of mirrors. Every surface was polished to a sheen. Intriguing reflections came back at him from the highly polished surfaces. Bizarre images, outlandish shapes, joined by strange sounds and even stranger smells.

His host seems super confident and basically ignored James, he appeared to fear nothing from a specimen from such a primitive planet.

Managing the transportation ship had become routine for Zorran, for the hibernation cells kept the specimens calm.

A relaxed Zorran smiled as a Vulcan with pointed ears was beamed aboard.

Spock looked towards James. The battle could begin.



A follow up story from two earlier stories: called Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and The Cell. Hopefully I will complete this saga!

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  1. Dear Michael,

    Fortunately this bit stands on its own. Given the number of stories each week, I don’t try to keep up with sagas and series.Fun. Mr. Spock was always my favorite Star Trek character.



  2. Greetings!
    Awesome interpretation, using the reflection of the water as a jumping off point. I’ve not read the other pieces, but this works well on it’s own. (My own story is a character development piece of the MC in a sci-fi story that I’ve been sorting out.) There seems to be a bit of head hopping in the first paragraph, from James to his host. Otherwise, an excellent tale of post-capture to the brink of escape (one hopes)!
    Happy trails! 🙂

    1. Some days it seems like this writers mind goes to sleep. Then the grammar goes out of the window. Sorry.
      Thank you for letting me know, I do value that, for I may reuse this piece and now I know I need to tidy it up.

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