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Depicting Images

Photo copyright R Wisoff Fields
Photo copyright R Wisoff Fields

Who be thee stranger, thy clothes mark thee out as not being from here. Perhaps you mourn the death of Lady Mcbeth? Or did thee slay her?

Do not think I will not use this dagger: Stand thee still.

I smell gunpower on thee. Traitor thee means to harm King James or perhaps his parliament? Take him to the tower. The rack will make him talk. Guards watch him carefully, he be a deceiver, or a warlock, me thinks.

Make sure thou heat the iron red hot, so he will speak. Dim those lanterns.

‘Spock to the bridge’.

“Holodeck: Show me the exit”.

Michael Humphris.



1. The ‘tower’ is the Tower of London

2. Apologies for the second post this week. I had to get this story out of my head. It of course is the final part of four     individual pieces of flash fiction. The previous pieces are titled,  Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre published on the 21-09-2016,  The Cell published on the 28-09-2016, and the third piece called The Wrong Command, published 12-10-2016.

3. I intend later to adjust them and combine them. Under the title of: Depicting Images.

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