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Having established a secure financial future, as much as he loved his personal accommodation in the warehouse, Kalyan decided to look for a piece of land on which to build a home. He decided on a water front location at Long Island, and purchased a disused aircraft factory. After clearing the site, he engaged Reflections Ltd to regenerated a natural landscape. Their garden designer Aaliyah arrived to oversee the work. Kalyan asked her to keep an old weeping willow that had survived the industrial landscape. Aaliyah designed him a Chinese garden. Kalyan had found his wife, a talented garden designer.

Footnote. This post updates my former story called: The Pauper.

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    1. So many people did not like the last sentence of a story called The Pauper, that I felt I had to make amends and write a sequel.
      The comments were so helpful in reminding me that the image of a character could be altered by a throw away/thoughtless sentence.

      1. several grammatical issues to deal with:

        He ask her was to keep an old weeping willow which had somehow survived in the industrial landscape. As she designed a Chinese garden he found his wife.

        Footnote. This post updates the Pauper’s life story: I hope! . Now I am of to see if I can complete Mr Bonds story.


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