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A gentleman

Photo curtsy of J A
Photo curtsy of Valerie J Barrett

Now Jimmy a small gent, was always seen in the company of his cycle pulling a trailer. It’s distinctive sign told you all that you needed to know. Pots and pans mended. Knifes sharped. Jimmy was a fixer by trade. Give him a leaky kettle and he’d put a neat patch on it. He even understood that modern thing called electric, and would put a new flex on a Iron in a jiffy. Yes Jimmy was sadly missed the day he passed on. A spoon of real life was he… His smile opened many a bedroom door.

I’m Back with hopefully a sack full of new stories, after a fine holiday traveling around New England and Quebec. Now only time will tell if new stories are waiting in the wings. For today’s offering is a snippet from many years back.

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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          1. I do love my choice of profession and life-work, as well as how it ties ever so neatly into my love of words and writing and nature and science and people and … 🙂

            Made me laugh re: sharpness … I beg to differ, but even if so, being blunt isn’t such a bad thing, sometimes, either … (especially when blunt can co-exist with kind…) 😉
            Happy to have you read and comment!

  1. Tinkers have gone the way of rag and bone men, And those fellows with berets and bikes and strings of onions. I loved “His smile opened many a bedroom door.”

  2. Welcome back, Michael. It seems Jimmy will be missed for more than one reason. It seems those people were good at keeping secrets or Jimmy might have passed long before. Well written.

  3. I liked your take on the prompt, focusing on a character not in the picture. A good link between Jimmy’s passing and the passing of time.

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