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Welcome to Fate

Photo copyright: Ted Strutz. Thank you Ted.

I boarded the ferry leaving the mainland behind, my steed took the opportunity to cool down. I inspected my fellow travellers. They ignored me for my travel worn appearance belied my station. At the Castle they would have a shock when their laird turned up.

Last year my first officer thought to consign me to the bottom of the ocean as my ship sank.

Perhaps my trusted lady would have the biggest shock, as my claymore sliced her and him: her lover in half.
Later I would introduce the poor child who had saved me, her child would ensure me of a strong heir.


Footnote: When I first saw this prompt my muse failed to respond, so instead I started to write a record of a holiday trip to the Island of Arran in 1975. I needn’t have worried my holiday record transformed itself into this story!!!

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    1. He certainly has, for his wife’s lover had locked the laird in the ships hold as it sank. Then rowed away. The laird was found two days later by a girl out fishing. The hold cover had broken apart as the ship foundered.

  1. A Claymore. Pretty nice sword, although, I’m used to the American Claymore mine variety. It might have solved the problem quicker.

    Fun go of it, Mike!

  2. Revenge is best served cold. I can just imagine the laird’s wife’s trying to bluff it out and her lover’s face and heart sinking. Let’s hope his aim is swift and true.

  3. It seems at least two people are in for a shock and that isn’t all. If he’s a lord the court may rule in his favor. Influence–and money– counted in the past. Good writing, Mike. 🙂 — Suzanne

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