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Primeval Times

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Photo copyright: Roger Bultot.

It was a time before time was counted; yes there were people, but they spoke a language which is long forgotten. They had no need for writing and lived in a period when they were free to wander. They constructed no memorials or religion. Although they had a slogan, ‘leave the world better than you found it’. Moving with the seasons allowed them to meet their needs. They survived for millennia, until new faces brought change to the lands. Now their descendants struggle to retain their identity. For they must obey modern rules, and not leave the world a better place.

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  1. I differ only in the expression that we no longer try to leave the world a better place…we do, every day. Even in little ways, like picking up the garbage idiots drop on the ground. Or, using our own coffee mugs when we go out to McD’s instead of adding more styrofoam/paper to landfills. Or even bringing your own bags to the grocery. It’s little things like that every could do, but don’t. A sad, sad world we live in.

    1. Thank you Jelli. I agree, some people try hard to recycle etc. A recent torrent of paper work from state organisations got me thinking philosophically, which is something I can easily do.

  2. A sobering thought, Michael. Some say language was invented to tell stories. Others disagree. I agree we should leave the world in a better state. Many people disagree by default, without putting thought into their actions, or just not caring. A thought provoking story, well told.

  3. Well done. It would be nice (understatement) if all people considered leaving their environment better than they found it. However, that is unlikely when most people don’t see the environment around them to begin with. (Oh, goodness, I feel a soapbox approaching, better stop.)
    Thanks–you definitely drew a response from this reader.

    1. Thank you Sascha, there are so many who need society to wake up and care. I really hope that one day soon, a gifted individual finds a way to get the message over. Now I am on my soap box. Sorry.

      1. Naw, we can both have a soap box on this. I suppose this is what is called: preaching to the choir.
        We just have to get people off of their cell phones for a few weeks. Maybe do away with electricity. Have them start taking a look around. 🙂
        Sounds like a story in the offing.

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