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Photo prompt Curtsy of Na’ama Yehuda

Ice cold, so very cold, Janets Fosse was cascading with increasing force. Lightening flashed all around him, thunder claps caused the ground to tremble. When Dominic had jumped into the pool at the bottom of the waterfall, concentric circles had briefly appeared. So briefly that as Dominic had surfaced they had all been overwhelmed.

Despite the lightening, the raging torrent of water appeared jet black. As black as Whitby Jet, as black as the best Pontefract liquorice. Dominic could still taste the liquorice. He had infused liquorice juice into ice cream. Promised a deal with the supermarkets. Failure meant bankruptcy.

A fine day at Mevagissey
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  1. I wouldn’t imagine black liquorice would go over well as an ice cream flavor. Though I have seen worse. Nice job of unveiling the shroud surrounding Dominic through revealing his despair.

  2. We accidentally purchased licorice ice cream once (long story). The first bite was yummy. But we couldn’t eat any more than that. Failed flavor, for sure.

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