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The pain of abdication

Photo copyright: Susan Spaulding
Photo copyright: Susan Spaulding

It was impossible to find privacy, where ever we went the paparazzi followed. They gave no opportunity for us to discover our future. In fact they dictated our future. It was an evil day that they discovered our relationship. Within hours the whole world thought that it knew of our immediate plans. Of course they did not, but it did not stop them sharing their beliefs.
Whether we were ski-ing on remote mountains or resting in an isolated bay, the paparazzi found us, then our photos where splashed across newspapers until they found their way into almost every household in any continent.
We know that many will abhor, what is happening to us, but to many others it is like watching a movie. They allow themselves to believe the half-truths and downright lies, in the name of entertainment. The prime minster has been to see us, even he has a view. I have made my decision, for right or wrong, I will abdicated. I pray that, that will be the end of it, but somehow I doubt it. I pray that god is with my brother soon to be the new king. God save the King …

Genre Historical Events.

This week I was going to post a light hearted piece centred on James Bond and Miss Moneypenny. But the piece I wrote just did not feel right. So I gave myself time to ponder on the photo prompt. It was strange that photo demanded so much thought. But so be it…

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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  1. I have read some pieces on that abdication… and that Wallis-Simpson was well pretty much the driving force in that particular relationship… If only the rules were different and more accepting back then.

    Paparazzi in general should be strung, hung and dried. But then I guess gossip would just move at a slower pace. Nice piece.

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