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Death came Early

Photo copyright:Wildverbs
Photo copyright:Wildverbs

Report by Officer John Redwood.

Captain Westfield, usually left home at 7am prompt, but this morning a branch fell across his drive. By the time he had dragged it to one side and washed the resulting mess from his hands, he was ten minutes late setting off. That caused him to reach Route 66 seven minutes late. As he reached the outskirts of Chicago he was only two minutes behind his usual time. My partner Jeff Anderson followed in an unmarked car. As was normal I remained in close contact with them, riding a civilian registered Harley Davidson. By the time the captain reached Jefferson Ave he was on time for his meeting. As Jeff Anderson became aware of the rapid approach of a speeding Hummer, he pull out placing his vehicle to protect Captain Westfield. He died instantly. I shot and dispatched the Hummers driver through the vehicles windscreen, as driver of the Hummer was about to use a AKS 74 Kalashnikov. Officer Anderson acted in the best tradition of the CIA.

Michael Humphris.

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    1. I am pleased that it felt rather intense. As I started on this flash story, my aim was for a feeling of sadness, but as often is the case the story developed along a different pathway to the one I had envisaged.

  1. Back in the day, Route 66 stretched from Chicago to San Diego and was the setting for a popular American television show in the early 1960s. Now we all just drive the interstate.

    1. In the 1970s I had hoped to ride the length of Route 66 on a motorcycle. From what I read these days, the Route has lost some of its magic. Whilst sadly I have lost a lot of my bike riding ability. So now I stick to four wheels and write instead.

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