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A Island beyond Clare

Photo copyright Joy P
Photo copyright Joy Pixley

On a small island beyond the Isle of Clare, a tall thin white haired eremite resides. Locals do not know his name, but many believe he is waiting for the queen of Connacht to take him, for he is often to be found on a low rocky promontory looking out to sea. Some say that he is carving trees into the cliff face to attract her to visit and repair her ghostly ship. Those who take over gifts of food say that they can hear a mysterious thunder. Others who have visited report seeing the shadows of a spectral ring of pirates on the top of the islands cliffs. Shamus Gilligan said that he saw ghost like brigands with iron steeds that rumbled. Those who have yet to visit the island smile and say that the local poteen is to strong and anyway that shadows can play tricks. And that those who visit the island are being unnerved by the sound of the sea rumbling in subterranean caves. All wonder why he has built a square tower, when almost everyone else in Ireland have built round towers. But when the barbary slavers arrived, families praised the eremite for his tower offered sanctuary and safety


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  1. A very descriptive story, full of mysterious sounds and sightings which emanate from this strange island. It’s funny how stories about ‘strange’ people and places can so often become exaggerated as they’re passed round by word of mouth. I like the way you’ve balanced the tales out with the sceptics’ points of view and the ending fits the prompt image really well. An enjoyable read, Michael.

    1. I am so pleased that you liked the story. If I had given myself more time to complete this story, the ending may have come out slightly different. But I did see the people fleeing their own island and hermit offering protection. Mike

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