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The Night Walk

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Photo copyright: The storytellers Abode.

Both Frank and Danny knew the value of walking, to walk invigorated them both. The images and smells captivated their imagination, but in such differing ways. Frank walked to cope with his memories, Danny walked to smell. Tonight was no different. The cloudless sky allowed the full moon to illuminate the garden with a soft mellow light, whilst the fragrance of the Rhododendrons impacted on them both. Frank was back in 1964 boarding a RAF Belvedere helicopter to go on patrol in a mountainous area of Borneo. Whilst Danny was walking in a botanical garden with his mistress. When the fireworks exploded, Frank hit the ground then rolled over Danny. As silence returned Frank pulled Danny under the cover of a large Rhododendron. ‘Sorry old chap’. Frank wondered how the hell did you tell a dog about seeing your best mate being blown apart by a land mine. Danny snuggled up close to Frank as he smelt his fear, Danny a retired MWD dog knew what his master felt.


MWD stands for Military Working Dog

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