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With Respect

Prompt by Lisa Fox

The sprites are in revolt. Its all down to the slave Tabitha on Andromeda. Until she interfered, the sprites where happy with their goblins. Not now however, for Tabitha has introduced them to human toys like stuffed birds and puppies. Unfortunately now our children want the real ones. So Andromeda’s spectacular interplanetary worm hole has to have puppies and macaws added to it importing list. My lord Kankakee… with respect Tabitha is wrongly placed on Andromeda, she has now made a whale and our sprites want real ones. She is now making someone called Father Christmas… Lord help me.

The offspring of dragons are called sprites on Andromeda
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  1. Dear Michael,

    Of course she has to consult Father Christmas. ‘Tis the season. Imaginative story.



  2. Oh no! Not cultural appropriation in space. I love the idea of even extraterrestrial dragon babies rebelling for what’s essentially them not getting what they want for Christmas.

  3. Hahaha… well wishes will get picked up be children anywhere and golly who wouldn’t want a real puppy or bird. The kids will learn dreams and wishes are not always what they are made out to be.

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