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Bad Memories

Photo curtsy of Tod Fultz

Roland had seen these shapes before, in his memory, a spark of fear clicked. His feet felt like they were encased in concrete. The whiskers on his face tingled. The hairs on his back bristled. His tail hit the ground as he recalled a hellish moment. A day when the Ro-Dan clan was nearly wiped out. The image of a painful death never leaves. Slowly Roland reversed into the shade, away from temptation. The eggs might be a tasty treat, but then again they might be laced with death. In the face of possible poison Roland knew being brave was foolhardy.

A fine day at Mevagissey
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  1. Good thing his omnivore nature means he has plenty of other choices. Good story, Michael, and it looks like a beautiful day where you are.

    1. It is true that the Ro-Dan clan do love variety in their diet. For me it was a good day to relax in the garden. The late evening was beautifully cool and full of interesting silhouettes.

  2. This is good. It can be conveyed in so many ways. I reread it three times to see. Once as a modern day struggle, one as a historical sort of time frame, then one from an animal’s point of view.

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