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The Museum of the Untold

Prompt curtsy of Dale Rogerson

Perhaps I should have mentioned this before. Dragons before they become a Lord, have to master two new techniques. Firstly they must relearn how to radically alter their body shape, allowing them to cope better with the various dynamics of differing planets within our solar system. Secondly they need to be able to develop a chrysalis shell allowing them to hibernate when traveling beyond our solar system. Yes folks when a dragon reaches the zenith of their development they are able to travel the universe. Only returning to Saturn to transmogrify or die.

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  1. I always enjoy your creative imaginings, Michael. As a person who is fascinated by dragons, it’s good to know more about their ways.

  2. Thank you for gently introducing me to this kind of fiction, Michael. I’m really enjoying your tales. ‘Serious study’ always got in the way of exploring other genres. And then life happened… Now i have the time to explore and your tales are encouraging me.

    1. They do seem to have an interesting time, however like many sentient beings they have responsibility’s. Quite a few have come to a painful ending within my earlier writing

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