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Gliding by Solar Power

prompt curtsy of Liz Young

Lord Voa was famous for his ability to design Saturn’s vast solar wind ships, he knew just the right chemicals to use, creating acres of sail filaments took decades to complete. However no dragon from Saturn would risk traveling to Mars in anything not designed by Lord Voa.
Mars was considered the most beautiful planet in the solar system. It’s warm shallow waters abounded with floating cities, their canopy’s glittering like rainbows. However Lord Voa foresaw the terrible disaster that would befall Mars and built the largest dragon ship ever, bound via Mars for Earth.

Solar turbulence
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    1. Rochelle, I do seem fixated with the solar system at the present time, I do worry that the entire universe might try to get in on the act. If it does heaven help me, and the friday Fictioneer readers

    1. Tannille thank you for commenting…Their is a body of thought that the inhabitants of Mars took their ocean and fled deep underground. Although perhaps a few also reached earths oceans,

    1. Sorry to drop you in at the deep end, however I think their may be more to come. My first offering about the dragons on Saturn was a couple of years back. If enough material arrives, I will be tempted to link it all together.

  1. Hm, I wonder why they didn’t go to Venus. Wouldn’t the temperature and atmosphere there be more to the liking of a dragon? These Saturn lords sure get around.

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