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Silence Darling

Unknown photographer…Artist Rochelle

Mum are you sure this is safe. Hannah said her grandfather thinks having a photograph taken, opens your soul to the devil. Its alright darling, I know a really nice artist called Rochelle, and she will put our souls back. Once she has completed the picture, I will burn the photograph and break the negative. The photographer has assured that that will save our souls. But Mother Hannah says that the President Mr Lincoln was assassinated after having his photo taken.
Darling ‘there are a terrible lot of lies going around the world, and the worst of it is half of them are true’ now sit still and be quiet.

Quote in italics credited to Winston Churchill

Playtime for Mike, Yes that’s is me in the tin bath. Photograph Copyright Micheal Humphris
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  1. Dear Michael,

    I love the story and your choice of prompt. It was up for grabs this morning, wasn’t it? The Churchill quote’s a good one and the photo of little Michael is priceless. Thank you for sharing it.



  2. A good criticism of a society where even photographic truth is now malleable. I love the baby snap, too!

  3. A wonderful story. I always find painted images catch more of people’s essence (souls?) than photographs do. The Churchill quote is great and I love the bathtub picture.

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