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The Strid on the Wharfe

To PJ. I am sad to hear the news about your mother. We have never met, but I know what it is like to lose those we love.

Photo copyright: Maria @ Doddles and Scri
Photo copyright: Maria @ Doodles and Scribbles. Thank you Maria, this picture has unlocked a chain of linked stories in my mind.


Tim all you have to do is wade across. I dare you.

But it will be very cold, Clive.

Why are you afraid.

They say it is enchanted, that once a dragon lived here, that he defended the people of Elmet, against those that would harm them.

That is rubbish, it’s only a river. If you go I will follow.

Ok: burr it is cold, Clive its got hold of me.

Don’t be daft,

Help …

As Tim felt himself being pulled under the surface he took a deep breath. He knew he was being taken deep, he was afraid. Then he felt the warmth enveloping him.

If I am going to die I will do it with my eyes open.

Before him was a vast underwater cavern, its ceiling and walls lined with glittering precious stones. But the floor was covered with rusted swords and human bones. Then as a stream of warm bubbles issued forth from deep within the cavern, Tim saw the dragon.

Wake up, do wake up Tim.

Substance for the Writer
Brain food for the Writer

Thank you PJ for posting this prompt at what is a very difficult time for you.

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    1. Dragons it seems may have evolved to live under the water, it helps to keep their breathe cooler.

    1. This is a bully’s prank that went wrong. Now Tim lives in the water. Rather like the story by Charles Kingsley [Water Babies] BUT without the prejudices.

  1. How much of it is real, and how much of it is down to the boy’s imagination? I like to think there really was a dragon down there, and that Tim’s safe. Or at least, he will be. A very tense story.

  2. Oh wow, Inlove the adventure and the imagery of the cave he ends up in. Meanwhile, I’m wondering how Tim can breathe abs for how long. If he really saw the dragon or if he was just dying. I’m hoping he lived, that Clive wouldn’t let him drown.

    1. There are at least three possible outcomes to this strange tale, but in the two I prefer Tim survives. I have started on a much longer story about Tim. Which is inspired by [ The Water Babies ] by C Kingsley.

  3. Michael I love the idea of a dragon warming my bath water! This was so magical, diving in expecting cold then feeling warmth instead. I believe dragons that evolve this way make great pets! Lovely story!

    1. There are at least three types of dragons, one type is very bad, whilst the magical ones they are well rather mixed up creatures. As for the third type, I am still waiting to find out. but I did love your comments.

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