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When the end was near the range of colours that flooded the sky caught people by surprise. But first the sky was to turn green with sheer volume of locusts. Later with all the vegetation had gone, the storms came. Day after day, week after week, month after month. Starvation threatened every living creature on the planet.

At last earths leaders gave permission, so from all around the globe specialists arrived to assist. Every nation poured resources into the project. The range of technologies present was tremendous, the variety of specimens received phenomenal. An extraordinary effort had been put into the venture, but the sad truth was that no one would live to see the fruit of their labours.

The structure glowed with all the energy to protect it. Now ready for its mission, its transparent skin allowed everyone to see that their dream had been achieved. As Noah turned the key to launch the vessel, he wondered which of its repositories would survive the immersion in the molten magma which was covering the planet.



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  1. Global temperatures that of molten magma seems pretty extreme.

    Your story actually reminded me of one method of human colonization of planets in other solar systems being proposed. Launch a large array of pods containing human DNA in a rocket to the destination planet. Assuming the guidance system was accurate and the pods shielded from radiation, the DNA would seed the planet’s biosphere and eventually something from Earth would evolve.

    I even wrote a short story based on this premise once. The intelligent creatures already living there found the capsule, analyzed it, discovered it contained dangerous pathogens, and sterilized it with radiation. So much for colonization.

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