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The Hill

Prompt photo by Brenda Cox

I wondered if any of the gang would be alive. The town had given permission for the development of our hunting grounds. When the diggers moved in… well the less said the better… Clive, I was a shock to see him approaching using two walking sticks. Robert appeared steering the mobility scooter erratically. Anne was the last to arrive, her stooped appearance shocked me. Was that it, Only four left out of the sixteen.
Clive’s walking aids where razor sharp, the buggy carried our armoury, as for Anne she was as wicked as ever. It was juicing time.

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  1. They’ve kept their fighting spirit alive, and that’s all they need. I love the picture of the sticks and walking frames being transformed.

  2. This reminded me of the Sylvester Stalone movie, “The Expendables.” Sly got the old gang back together. Of course, they were in their 50s and 60s. You took it to that next level, maybe two levels. Fun story.

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