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Do Nurture Nature.

Photo provided by Lisa Fox

Plants I thought of as weeds, grow unmolested by humanity. I am walking through cow parsley, as the scent of aniseed hangs heavy. Dock leafs the size of spades mingled with nettles as each reach for sunlight. Dandelions complete with giant buttercups, as trees play host to fungus and insects. The sound of a water completes with the dappled evening light for my attention. Both lose out to a pair of frolicking owls. Ox daisies and willow herbs will soon hear the hoots of a brood of owlets. Yes, it’s my dream to escape reality, as I sleep rough…

Rosebay willowherb
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  1. What a lovely description of a perfect evening walk. We still have a few places like this with eagle owls breeding nearby every year. Weeds are a human invention.

    1. Many so called weeds in the past have had great benefits to nature and humanity… Last week I went on holiday in Northumberland, lots of wild life and I took absolutely no technology.

  2. Dear Michael,

    A feast for the eyes, ears and nose. I’m not sure when it decided these natural plants were weeds. Nicely done.



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