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Chalk and Cheese

Prompt photograph from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, copyrighted

Trevor should have been names Rover, for he liked to wander. One day he just wandered out of her life. So slowly but surely Judy removed his stuff, plastic planes, model trains, last to go would be his TV, she had never liked how her and his life was dominated by his watching any live sport going. Now she was following her own dreams, she had joined the local senior citizen reading group, and had found a local artist who was teaching her to paint, and how to live again. She purred and stretched, sex was good again.

To travel can be good,
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  1. “Now she was following her own dreams, … and how to live again. ” It’s never too late to start again. I’m happy for her. Good story of revitalization of a soul.

  2. I’m glad that she turned her life around after Trevor wandered away. Great last sentence, ‘Sex was good again.’ Few of us would have dared write that, and it really works well. It has just a frisson of shock.

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