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Delusional Fear

Photo copyright Trish Nankivell

A tree moves in the sun:

As a dust devil develop’s.

The breeze tweaks my ears,

Once motor vehicles hurried by.

Conversation was denied… Now

Rustic colours complete with rainbows,

whilst leaves tremble in the breeze.

Seeds are absent from plants.

All the flowers have gone.

Nothing stalks the hedgerows.

Barren earth taunts all.

Silence lies heavily over the land.

Once many travelled this way.

Now all seems bereft of life.

The land echo’s as if barren…

Only time will tell what is to come next,

I shout… ‘Am I alone’,

In the first lockdown I built a model rustic cabin…

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  1. I can very much relate to this. The traffic on the road was a mere trickle this past summer. Now that tourist season is over… Such a neat project, the cabin.

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