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The Bar

Photo copyright: Jade Wong
Photo copyright: Jade M. Wong.

The decor was certainly unusual, but that was how Chloe wanted it, so Sam said nothing, as long as he had his piano he was happy. Anyway the customers kept coming as did the drinks, an array of green cocktails stretched along the top of the piano. Each one held some strange concoction of plant life and a good measure of gin that Chloe had dreamed up.

Sam was expected to try them all, some days he did, usually when he wanted to forget something bad. But today he was watching, watching a beautiful dame. As Chloe spiked her drink, Sam smiled.

Michael Humphris.

Sorry about the screen shot of Jades photo: I am having difficulties saving the prompt photo. I will update my screen shot of Jades interesting photo as soon as I am able to.

Each week on the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers web site, a new and quite different photo challenges writers to come up with a story in under one hundred and fifty words. Thank you PJ for managing this site and thank you Jade for the unusual photo. At first I did not think that this weeks photo would engage my creative juices. How wrong I was. For better or worse here is my response to this weeks prompt.

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  1. Nice take Michael, it certainly is a prompt that will give some very different responses. Enjoyed yours, hope it works out for Chloe and Sam – I can picture the bar scene, like a modern version of ‘Casablanca.’

  2. Well, that’s truly sinister! What are they planning to do with tht poor girl? Actually, I don’t want to know. A creepily effective story Michael

  3. Great story, Mike! Seems Sam has his eye on Chloe. I wonder why? LOL! I had another person write to me and tell me they were having trouble copying the photo prompt. So, you using a screen shot is fine.

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