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I had heard about

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I had heard about it from my grandfather before he had died, but no one living had seen the black jaguar. The ruler of the sun mountain had asked me to go and find out if the stories were true about the feathered men who spat fire. I could not believe the report which said that these beings were ravaging the land.

I had travelled for many days and reached a coastal village late in the evening. Now my path was blocked by two of these strange feathered beings. As I raised my hand to make a greeting, fire sticks sped through the air and entered my arm and neck. I heard myself scream. As the chief wrestler of Olmec no one had ever challenged me and won.

Now I faced pain and defeat. As I dropped to the floor I felt and saw the black jaguar, he took my body and fell upon the feathered men. Snapping necks and tearing them limb from limb. I returned to Olmec and then my people left.



1. Many cultures have described a madness that sometime overtakes a warrior in battle and leads them to do something unusual or special. It was well know and described in the early Viking culture, in that period, it is now known as going berserk.

2. No one really knows why the people of Olmec left their homes and temples. This story is my personal view point and is based on an indigenous people with the skill to make bows and arrows migrating into present day Mexico.

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    1. Thank you Neel, I have a friend of mine visiting at present and so have not had time yet to read the other posts. I am looking forward to seeing how everyone responds to this prompt picture

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