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Piece Working

Photo copyright: Yinglan
Photo copyright: Yinglan

Hi Jack, are we going to hit the target today. I certainly could do with the extra cash.

Mike, I have to pay my golf fees next week, so we are going to hit the target. Get them lasts mounted, come on old chap, full speed ahead.

As the production line rattled into action, conversation stopped, at least for a while. Jack sent his lasting tacks flying, to hold insoles in place. Around the factory clickers were cutting leather. Stitchers were hard at work. Pullers were pulling, trimmers were trimming. Glue was being applied. Shoes were being pounded and smoothed into shape. As operative after operative sprang into action. Milk was delivered to those gluing, protect for stomachs. Soon the building was a hive of activity. Making shoes that looked high class.

But commerce is king, and fashion is fickle. The factory is now long gone. Yet distinguished footwear remains. As does my eye for a fine pair of shoes. Today as I drank coffee, I saw three individuals of distinction. Fashionably dressed. So rare.

Genre: Memoirs

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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    1. It seems so, now if a individual could chose a moment in time to stop progress! Perhaps I would go back to the moment I destroyed the draft of my first novel, or perhaps even further back. I think a story is trying to surface…

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