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Getting Away or Not

Photo copyright: Jan Wayne Fields.
Photo copyright, Jan Wayne Fields.

What Puteri wanted was to get away. The dell seemed an ideal place to settle down and relax.  She did not want to hide away, but just needed to find a place to rest and prepare. The dell had seemed ideal until the midges arrived.  She could have coped with them, but having people telling her to go away, and that she was not welcome, that had hurt her. Now her birthing time had come, she needed shelter and privacy. What she had got was hard grass and hate.

Getting away
Getting away: sadly this is not a picture of Water Buffalo. This photograph was taken at Derwentwater in the English Lake district.



This piece of flash fiction is a follow up to a story called – the young buffalo – that I posted in January 2016 at –

I also posted another piece of flash fiction about Puteri in September 2016 called – a troublesome grave stone – available at

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    1. Hi Rochelle, I needed to work hard to stop myself heading down the camping route. I have had many interesting camping holidays. However I am learning to try at least to think out of the box. Thank you for the encouragement it is appreciated. Mike

  1. Good piece of writing, Michael. However, as soon as I read ” midges” I was struck by horror. I have only encountered these blighters once and didn’t know what they were, marvelling at the number of red dots. Turned out I was allergic. Not anaphyllactic but bad enough.
    I say: “Shoot the midges!”
    xx Rowena

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