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Strange events at ITV

C E Ayr supplied this weeks prompt,

Should she high tail it to gay Paris’y, that was the question that Julie asked Dusty Bin, Ted Rogers smiled and gave himself permission to play along. Tonight’s show was beginning to look as if it was going to be a cracker. Julie had been slotted into the show at the last minute, after the intended couple failed to arrive. Julie and Derek had caught the production teams attention after a mouse had appeared out of Julie dress. Well you could hardly ignore such a event could you thought Ted. Here we go folks 3-2-1 …why Paris Julie? …Why the mouse say’s it’s splendiferous.

Footnote: Dusty Bin was the Booby prize is a long running ITV quiz show called 3-2-1. The show was popular with the viewing public, and I thought that in this time of lockdown I might watch more fun based tv shows like 3-2-1.

yep it’s me
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  1. Never heard of that show. Was it a sort of reality show? Anyway, a fun piece this week, and I’ll be wondering for a bit how on earth a mouse got into Julie’s dress in the first place 🙂

  2. I remember 321, Dusty and Ted very well – those ‘clues’ were ridiculously convoluted and tenuous and all for a prize most big shows wouldn’t even consider giving away now. Nice walk down memory lane

        1. I expect that it will have changed a lot, everything has. Even London is very different from how I knew it in the 1960s. At this moment I like three city’s… New York…Berlin… York . However over the years I have found many cities including Manchester have fascinated me.

          I guess that how you experience a city or town depends upon how it treats you. Myself having a very long standing interest in buildings and transport, most places grab my attention.

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