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A special day

Photo prompt curtsy of Dale Rogerson

Stuart with a stethoscope and a dozen student nurses in their uniforms. Cameras clicking. The deed was done. Taxi called. Going to the restaurant, you felt sick, I said turn your hat upside down. Now we are sat in a circle dinning on oriental cuisine.
Time to leave, trains will wait for no one. Destination reached. This is lonely spot. The cool night air invigorates, but the rough track plays havoc with high heels. Farm reached and a cold straw bed and spam sandwiches await. Tomorrow: I promise we will dine at the pub in Edale.

I have spent the last few days printing part of my copious writing, from deep within my computers hard drive. Each piece printed is like a familiar long lost friend. But how did I come to write so much… One particular batch linked together is almost the length of a novel !

Packhorse trail
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  1. You’ve certainly made the hideaway an unattractive place, especially with the Spam sandwiches. But good for you, doing all that printing. I certainly hope you have a good supply of in cartridges 🙂

        1. That is true. But it still surprised me… throughout the first half of my life, I was unable even to write postcards or letters etc. However when I received a word processor [1998] everything changed

    1. Thank you Micheal, unfortunately I forgot that I was to close to the subject matter. Which you are right about, it did start out at around two hundred words in length. Mike

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