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New beginnings

Endre saw the crack in the ground and the thick brown pungent liquid oozing forth. Those who had lived here before Endre’s people arrived called it flame giver. They believed that a powerful dragon slept beneath and said that they had heard the dragon grumbling.

Endre prayed to Thor that the dragon stayed below the surface, for last night he had heard and felt the dragon move. Yes the ground had moved and shaken, cracking buildings. The door to Endre and Atrikd’s home had spit and shelves had fallen. Precious belongings had broken. With one last glance, Endre crossed himself.

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  1. Liked this, Michael and the mythology of the dragon living under the surface. Up at Byron Bay where I’ve been on holidays last week, there are snakes hiding in the undergrowth instead.
    Best wishes,

  2. Love the imagination here. One can almost feel that old dragon moving in his sleep. As for crossing himself, that surprised me, too. I guess he was just trying to cover all the bases 🙂

  3. Not all early christians were convinced that the older gods didn’t count any longer, so the crossing himself seems perfectly logical. Great armosphere of wonder and threat.

  4. I’m not sure if Christianity has a monopoly on crossing oneself, it seemed perfectly natural in the context of the story and I didn’t notice the anomaly, if there is one, until it was pointed out. Imaginative take.

    1. I did envisage oil seeping out the ground, with a higher word count I was hoping to develope this story further. Hopeful I may still do so. I was pleased to read your comment, thank you.

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