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Prompt curtsy of A S
Prompt curtsy of Rodger Bulltot

Well I am late to the party again, pressure of work, you know.

Well let’s get down to the business of the day, shall we.

I believe that for too many decades the synagogue, has stood in our way. Well I can now tell you that we can build over the top of it. I now own all the sites around the synagogue. I have decided that we shall place a set of bridging beams over the site, then we well build a two hundred storied shopping complex on top of the beams.


Let’s get to it Ladies…

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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  1. It’s getting to a place where the words progress and development are dirty words and euphemism for exploitation and destruction. I’m tired of it. We need to head down another path than p and d.

  2. I could see that happening. People/ marketers buy mineral rights. I suspect there will come a time and ‘air rights’ will be for sale as well. Enjoyed

  3. I hope they don’t try that in future. It sounds like a bee hive. Also, I can never forget the movie “Towering Inferno” or the sight of The Twin Towers going down. My dad was a fireman and didn’t like those tall buildings. Good story, Michael. —- Suzanne

    1. I grew up living above an English county fire station, what impressed me at that time was the level of knowledge fire officers had on building designs. Sadly today’s massive intermingling mix of building designs makes that very difficult. Whilst today’s high rise buildings sadly generally leave a lot to be desired

  4. Shopping complex vs. place of worship. The battle continues. One worships god other money. Some say money, in sufficient quantity, is no less than god. Then they are atheists.

    1. Today I visited a 1970s built shopping complex, at lest half the shop stood empty, sad to see. Nearby a large Church of England church has stood empty and boarded up for several years, very sad.

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