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Stand Off

Copyright Adam Ickes
Stand off – Photo Copyright Adam Ickes

On one side we have nature, and on the other side we have man, each was attempting to move forward. Nature wanted to reclaim what had been her’s. She needed to allow the forest to engulf the houses, and to allow her supporters to reclaim the marshland. Nature called for a great storm.

On the other side we have Mr Harman, builder extraordinaire with his army of lumberjacks. Lumberjacks with an array of heavy equipment like Harvesters and Delimbers, Forwarders and Cutter’s, they were ready and able, just waiting for the call to action.

Let battle commence, for the stand off was over.


P.s. It seemed a happy picture until I saw the red roof, which looked so out of place. I will ‘as usual’ enjoy reading all the stories posted on Friday Fictioneers, this week I am looking forward to see the differing interpretations of the prompt photo. Mike

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  1. Dear Michael,

    There are a few places in this area that constantly flood. Yet, the city insists on rebuilding each time. My bet’s on nature. Good story.



  2. I love the way you described this as a standoff. Of course nature will win in the end, she always does. I could tell a story about millions wasted in my home town for an underpass built where a creek used to be…

  3. Interesting take to get man v. nature from that picture was not something that occurred to me. Great idea and well written – liked the description of the equipment. Best, Iain

  4. I liked your interpretation Mike – I saw the red roof against the horizon too, but went a different way with my story. It’s an ongoing war between man and nature, I wondr who wins this battle? Great tale 🙂

  5. We seem to be winning don’t we, our gadgets seem stronger and our enterprises sturdy.
    Well that’s until a storm or some other aggressive force of nature responds then we all sound surprised.
    Great story.

  6. This made me smile. I have a friend – Mr Harman. He would rather smash down a house than a harm a tree. We do still have some people on the side of nature, and I think that is why nature will win in the end, although it will be a hard fought battle.

    I like your take on it.

  7. Nature is patient in waiting to strike back. Then it’s time for the insurance companies to step in and discontinue coverage of the stricken areas. All the big machines in the world can’t change that. Good writing, Mike. 🙂 — Suzanne

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