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Dear Reader

Prompt photo provided by Dale Rogerson

Reader I am reading, I started with a frayed Wartime Services Edition of ‘sweet Thames run softly’ by artist and author Robert Gibbing, it called to mind my childhood. So did my next book a 1948 book titled ‘Worzel Gummidge Again’, by Barbara Euphan Todd. Then out of my collection of books came a faded 1943 copy of ‘The Book of Small’ by Emily Carr. I like to research the life of the authors that I read. Emily Carrs paintings where a revelation to me. Her subjects, use of colour, and style just explode with life. And to think that I was going to send these books unread to a charity shop !

Good morning readers, it is coffee time here.
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    1. Thank you Rochelle, however the credit belongs to the book authors who rekindled my desire to read an entire book. As well as to you for helping to keep my brain active

  1. There is a wealth of worlds on every bookshelf, you’re so right. Glad you chose to visit a few of them, Michael. Cute dog. Looks like he’d rather be running.

  2. This made me smile. I’ve been trying to downsize and one obvious solution is to get rid of the masses of books….but…how? I pick up one and think, oh, no, I really must read that. Wonderful story, Michael !

    1. Sascha, I am also guilty as charged. I find it very hard to part with books as well, and also seem to be adding new additions. They’re irresistible.

    2. Thank you Sascha, last night from my sorting out area, I picked up a coffee table sized nautical book, I took one look inside and would you believe it, now I want to read it. So be it…

  3. Great use of the prompt, Michael. Sometimes, we don’t see the treasures which are right under our noses.

  4. And that’s why I NEVER give books away. They’ll have to pry them out of my cold, stiff hands once I’m gone. Lovely story, Michael, and I like that you focussed on the books, not the rose.

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