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Travelling Madness

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Sadness over whelmed him as the news came in. The murderous acts of the cowardly individuals who had murdered so many in Brussels dominated the news.

Joe who was rebuilding his camper van ready to travel around the world, felt sickened. Why did not these young individuals feel the misery they brought about. Their actions were not those of compassion and destroyed any empathy he had for their cause.

Whatever their grievances it was inhuman to take the life of the innocent. Whoever funded these individuals had to be demonic. He felt powerless, until he put pen to paper, for freedom of speech gave hope.

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  1. We hope that they one day understand the ramifications of their actions and feel remorse. The sentiments expressed right at the end is one I believe many share. Thank you for writing so genuinely.

  2. My sister ministers two hours north of Brussels. When she started her work in Europe she felt completely safe. Now she has fully arranged her funeral in case she should be among the next European casualties.

  3. I also couldn’t think about much else last week, but my mind was circling around stories of anger and I didn’t want to write that. You tackled the topic so much better, well said.

  4. In no way do actions from previous powers act as a justification for the heinous crimes being carried out today. Thank you for sharing this.

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