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Hi Mum call an Ambulance

Photo courtesy of Yinglan
Photo courtesy of Yinglan

Hi mum could you please call an ambulance for us, we are at the school playing fields. “Why”. I am pretty such that Jame’s has  broken his ankle. “Ok Ben, I will be with you in four minutes, keep James sitting down till I get there”.

Ok Jame’s i’m Ben’s mum, your mother on her way, so is an ambulance, now let’s put this blanket round you.

Now Ben tell please tell me where’s the other team and the officials? Also why is Mr Pembleton the PT teacher not here?

Mum the other schools bus was in an accident down town, Mr Pembleton told us to stay here whilst he and the officials went to see if they could help. We were just having a kick about, and James tripped over the ball.

Mum there’s Jame’s mother, Doctor Pembleton.

It was a day to remember, the other team were shaken but alright, a car had pulled out from the kerb and caught bus. Jame’s had cracked a bone in his foot, and was back home the same day. Ben’s mum was offered a job at Mrs Pembleton’s surgery as a receptionist. She took it.

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