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T. rex  via A Forbes. Smile was written for the Sunday photo fiction post.

Smile and be happy that’s what my mum said, teeth cleaned and so it’s time to go courting. Down to the blue lagoon, just the place to find a mate. The vegetation’s lush and dense, and mud so deep and smooth, so relaxing, that I wallow and fall asleep, only to wake up in a different world. The warmth has gone and the mud has turned to hard tack, the lagoon seems to stretch for mile and miles, and looks so rough. As for the vegetation it’s no where to be seen, like my skin. In fact I am just a bag of bones.

Strange beings paw over me and try to understand what I once was. But they will fail miserably. For they don’t see what I once saw. They don’t smell what I once smelt, and they don’t talk in my language. So now I stand naked for all to see, in a cold mausoleum, with beings who walk on two little limbs. They smile at me, then move on.  They don’t realise that I and my kind wait in the wings. Ready to return. I only wait the call, then my skin will reform. They will know me and majesty.

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