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Freedom can be hard to find

Photo curtsy of Roger Bultot
Photo curtsy of Roger Bultot

What do you mean, he’s not coming:
a daughter of Scotland is ready to greet him.
We took her in the flush of youth’
moulded her.
She requires loyalty.

She is amazing,
Ready to go.
Washed and brushed.
The cream of the crop.
Temptation itself.

I have laid on food,
fit for a president.
Yes she is a foreigner,
does that matter so much.
I’m am one myself.

Matter of fact:
So is every one.
When the lights go out,
We all leave.
Whether a serf or leader of men.

Michael Humphris.

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  1. Dear Michael,

    So true. No one gets out of this life alive. Well said.



    PS itself rather than It’s self which literally means “it is self” and it saves you a word. 😉

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