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Beneath the Dereliction

copyright J Hardy Carroll
copyright J Hardy Carroll

As his fingers reached up as if to heaven Elaine wondered why she had come back to this place. It held such sad memories for her. A place of incarceration, that’s what it had been. A prison. Harry had seen to that. The iron gate to the outside world had always been padlocked.

It had been like that since the first day when he brought her here as a new bride. Harry had wanted to control her totally. She had gone from being a daughter of the sun to living in a darkened hell. That was until she found the knife.


Dedicated to Jane Rogers, who introduced me to adult education and gothic literature.





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    1. The fingers are the trees rising from over his grave, his is trying to escape you might say. She is now a very old lady and now so full of sadness that she could find no other way out of his grasp.

    1. Thank you oldentimes, I like your idea of a little old and a little new, which is why I like the Friday Fictioneers site, as one can post short stories, both old and new. Thank you for reading. Mike

  1. That made my spine go cold. That last line, “… she had gone from being a daughter of the sun to living in a darkened hell, till she found the knife,” was both poetic and perfect for the story.

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