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A Window on Life

Photo Copyright: Sandra Crook
Photo Copyright: Sandra Crook

As a student of Confucius, Ling would often visit the pergola that his wife had had built close to the house, its autumnal colours inspired her husband to reflect, life had been kind to him. Until now integrity and compassion had always been at the forefront of any project that he had undertaken.

Mr Ling entered the pergola and cleared his mind of the anger that rested there, and allowed the sound of song birds to sooth his furrowed brow. The decision had been his alone. The valley of the Pandas would have to be cleared. The factory would be built.

yep it's me
yep it’s me
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  1. Poor pandas. More optimistically, in real life, Pandas have recently had their IUCN status downgraded from endangered to vulnerable – encouraging news in such a discouraging world.

  2. Well, I guess Mr. Ling should stay and ponder a bit longer. If he’s been a thoughtful man up until now his conscience is going to cause him much unrest. May he have many sleepless nights. Good writing, Mike. 🙂 — Suzanne

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