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Seideadh Gaoithe Seideadh

A lovely painting which has inspired so many stories to be posted at

Standing here on Hiort I wonder why the birds do not fall from the sky. A mighty storm whip at my body. At my side my faithful hound Padriag. His coat and my hair ripple like a forest of kelp in the storm ridden ocean.

Eubh hands me a gobel formed from crystal clear ice. Within it sparkling patterns flow, emerald and pink. I lift the gobel, but Padraig knocks it from my grip. Spraying the contents over himself and Eubh. Each turns into ice.

Forever will I hear Padriag howling in the wind

Hiort is the main island of the remote archipelago now known as St Kilda. Rochelle’s fine painting has inspired me to write a second flash story.

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  1. Dear Michael,

    There’s nothing quite so mournful as a dog’s howl for its master. Could you possibly mean “globe” as opposed to “gobel”? Lovely story in any event.



    1. Hi Rochelle, at the present time I am trying to experiment with my writing. ‘gobel’ is an archaic term for a goblet without a handle or stem… I agonised over using it.. but because I was attempting to put forward an ancient story I used gobel… I should have written a footnote about it

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