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Hen Gymraeg

Prompt art work provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Stanley worried for the sanity of his twin brother Livingstone. True the family had rakish tendencies, but always in the style of the Restoration. They loved being carefree and witty. Yes the family had libertine tendencies. The murder must not happen. Stanley put on the silver gauntlet and transformed into Lludd Llaw Eraint.

Livingstone seeing his brother, used his own magic to become Llefely. Their combined aura of magic took them far back in time. They consulted with a triad of dragons.


Y Ddraig Wen

Pen Draig

The outcome was that all filming will be Animeshon

Animeshon = in the art of writing

Stone Dragon

Written for

Back in the day of the dragons

Due to the resent wave of hot weather here in Yorkshire. I spent a couple of days in hibernation. Which enabled me to work out how to place a link to the fridayfictioneers site. Yes I am still learning !

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    1. Thank you Tannille, I am grateful for your feedback, I was attempting to combine three different areas of historical history. Really I needed to use at least another fifty words.

  1. I like the historical, magical, and time traveling aspects of your story. Of course, dragons are an instant win for me. Cool pictures (pun intended.)

  2. Oh, Michael, just loved the ‘Old Welsh’ mythology and how you intertwined it all together perfectly, you could expand this further into a book maybe. I have been inspired by you to try to do something with a Welsh theme next time. Diolch yn fawr 🙂

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