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Rooted by Decree

I stand between the mountains and the ocean, with my feet rooted in the sand. The ocean in time will undercut my foundations. Yet the mountains will keep my heart beating with their beauty.

Politician’s and law makers bow your heads to nature. Human’s are meant to travel. Who are you to say no. The mountains are natures Kings: and yes the Ocean is a Queen. Both call to you and me for the freedom to travel.

St Annes Sand
Lytham St Annes
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    1. You’ve probably already done this and found you have some jinx, but just in case…
      If you right click on the picture you should get a dialogue box. One of the options is “Save image as”. Save to your Pictures folder. With new WP blocks, click on the paragraph symbol below the title. From the dialogue box click on the image icon, then select the image you saved in Picture. When you’ve opened your image, don’t forget to click on the paragraph symbol below the picture, and select paragraph so you can enter your text.

  1. If you click on the image, and then click on the image again when it reappears, you should see it as full screen, when you can save it as jpg with right-click.
    I agree it shouldn’t have to be this hard.

    And now I can’t post this comment!

    1. Iain, I do hope so. I took a car for its MOT today, it passed, but it had done less than a thousand miles since last year. I thought I would have a take away coffee. ‘Wrong’ … for I had cash, but however had left my credit card at home! The coffee shop will not take cash. So instead I sat on a step in the sun. Nice but boring…

  2. What a beautiful story, and I share that wish. But…
    I’m having trouble with Lizy’s and other Blogger accounts as well and, like Trent, had to chase the image through another program and save it under a different name. There’s something unsafe about Blogger that the Browsers, or WordPress, don’t like.

  3. Other than those brave or foolish enough to travel, I think we’re all going a little stir crazy.

    Have you tried copying and pasting the URL? That’s how I do it. It accesses where Rochelle has it uploaded. There’s no downloading or uploading involved. Just click on the picture until the address in the address bar ends in .jpg Highlight all that, copy it, then paste it where you want it on your page.

    1. Angst is right, Today the national new hinted that travel to Europe this summer might be off!!! Whilst as I get older the insurance companies want a lot of gold bars traveling their way.

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