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A Year with the Covid Virus

Photo curtsy of Dale

My first walking excursions see’s me leaving the church at Carleton. A footpath allows me to cross the fields to reach the river. Nettles and docks abound, an harmonious arrangement. Whilst the nettles may sting you, the yellow dock can abate that sting. The smell of pineapple lifts from crushed mayweed. Once across the river a convenient bench offers a welcoming place to sit and watch.
Beneath the water a pike seeks its prey, avoiding a plastic bottle. Whilst a heron watches as a swan passes. Nature offers its balm, whilst science offers a vaccine. Tranquility.

My battle with WordPress today was successful after a fashion, thank you to all who sent me tips on how to succeed at manipulating WordPress photos.

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    1. Linda, my story this week was a heavily abbreviated version of a walk I undertook in the first week of the first lockdown in England, I meant to remove the word ‘yellow’. Children in my younger days spat on a dock leaf and rubbed the leaf over nettle rashes. However Calamine lotion worked better. Going back to yellow dock, it has quite a few ‘topical’ uses

    1. Jade, walking is a must for me. I see the effects of nature in the most obscure places. Sadly often downgraded by carelessly abandoned litter. Both myself and my trusty dog often have to remove plastic bottles etc.

  1. You create such a beautiful and peaceful scene, Michael.
    I like the juxtaposition of nature producing its balm and science the vaccine.
    We need both.

    1. Thank you Tom, I believe that humanity uses far to much plastic… I am old enough to remember food being dispensed in paper, ‘often reused paper’. Also getting milk straight from the churn, and beer from a wooden barrel into a personal tankard. Happy days.

  2. Ah, Michael, lovely! Here’s to finding tranquility wherever we can, however we can, in what moments we can. For it will make us all the richer, whatever comes our way along the path of life.

  3. What a lovely pastoral piece, Michael. I felt the tranquility you drew us to. I hope there is calm around the corner. I fear there may be just another kind of crazy.

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