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Questions with no Answers

Photo prompt copyright C.E. Ayr

Names escape me these days, I often wonder why. If only I had kept a journal. Yes it’s pages would be yellowed and curling, but names would offer salvation. You see it’s raining outside and I want to write but the gaps in my memory fox me. As time flys by, my memories fly away.
It’s raining outside, so many names escape … these days. If only they could return. Now why I have I got a blank piece of paper on my desk. I will write a letter to …. Gordon … but what is his address.

Coffee and conversation at Filmore and Union

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    1. At school even writing down my name was a major challenge. As I reversed the I and E in my first name, whilst my surname does not have an E within it. Many teachers thought that it should have!… and that I had spelt it incorrectly.

  1. Best argument to start a journal. I’ve tried many times but never went through with it, there is always too much else to do… Great, sad story, Michael.

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