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An Explosion of Sound

Prompt curtsy of Roger Bultot

A memory cord is struck, as a explosion of noise vibrates my ear drums.

Will she be waiting at the top of the stairs. How will I find her in the medley of those dancing their time away. Worse will she snarl in anger. She is the love of my life, yet our time together is over. I move like a ghost, perhaps that is because I now am a ghost. I knew the army was a risk, but I wanted to build a career for us.

Damned if I can remember being blown up.

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  1. Well done, Michael, you manage to evoke sympathy for your ghost.
    Although I’m not sure why he’d want to remember being blown up!

  2. I found myself wondering if we’re all ghosts! I think it’s better he doesn’t remember being blown up.

  3. That would be a tragic life (or afterlife). I was just reading in Gravity’s Rainbow how they said you never hear the one that gets you. True of your last line there.

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