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Smash and Grab

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Photo copyright: Sarah Potter

I feared my ribs would break as the blast lifted then smashed me against a wall. Bullets sailed past me as I crawled into a sideboard. The sound of crunching rubble and a chair being moved sharpened my mind. Boots appeared, adorned with traces of blood and brain matter. I smelt fear, my fear, as the voice of our opponents assaulted my ears. Orders where given out. I felt the tickle of urine wash my face as one of the enemy’s fighters released themselves against my hiding place. I crawled out after what seemed an eternity, the enemy’s startled eyes took in my alien form.


Footnote: yesterday whilst I waited for the WordPress to sort its self out, I ended up writing a second story for this weeks prompt. As waste not is my moto, I have posted it. It seems that one prompt picture will deliver several differing stories for me.

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        1. Thank you Dale; In time I revisit each posted story and revise them.t Then I print a hard copy which I insert into soft covered booklets. I will take note about [thinking him/itself alone] mike

    1. Thank you Suzanne, it was good to get your feedback, and to learn a little about Pune – I have been to Goa and now regret not taking the train north as I once hoped to do.

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