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Poisoned Words

Photo copyright: Jade M. Wong
Photo copyright: Jade M. Wong

Celinna had allowed their wedding to go ahead for Ben had always loved her and been there for her. She could see the minute like movements of his face, as her scent assaulted him, and the sounds of the ceremony took place around him.

Ben tried thinking that he was resting in a gently flowing river with the warmth of the midday sun on his skin. Yet distorted faces drifted before him. One particular one seemed intent on destroying Ben’s dream. It was Edward his best man and soon to be the king of a nightmare delivery.

As Edward stood up to deliver his speech Ben felt like he was dying, drowning in his own blood, as if barbed words had pierced him.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please stand for the bride and groom.

It is my pleasure to welcome the beautiful Celinna and her secondhand husband. Some of you will know that before he married Celinna he was to be my husband. Now they have stolen Cupid’s bow from me. Yet she carries my child.

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