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Photo copyright: Dawn
Photo copyright: Dawn Miller.

Travel guide Annie was wondering about her future, the tour company she worked for had filed for bankruptcy.

Seeing the world unfold as she climbed the well worn steps, she was used to seeing flakes of the brick falling, but this was a shower. A quick glance upwards suggested a falling child, instinct took over as she grabbed clothes and flesh. She was aware of falling, and that the steps made for a hard surface. When she came too, she was saw a young women lying beside her. Trying to move her wrist gave way. She woke up in a Baghdad hospital, nearby a young European man was resting, his look of concern was palpable.

Flying back to England, Annie wondered about the events that had led to her being taken on to oversee the recuperation of the young women she had grabbed hold of. Annie had saved the girls life, but it was likely that Wilomeana would have to spend the rest of her life using a wheelchair. Resting back in the medivac aircraft Annie watched as her new employer stroked the hair of his wife. Their future might now consist of tea in an English country garden.


I intend that this is the last peg in what has been a group of stories set around the character Septimius Sidebottom. The story perhaps illustrates why the Reverend Sidebottom, always forgave Annie McDuffy the mistakes that she would regularly make.

Although I have finished using these characters in flash fiction posts, I do hope to pen more about their adventures. Perhaps a novelette.

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