Transporting Methane

Photo copyright: A Mixed Bag

Photo copyright: A Mixed Bag.

As Boijims transporter travelled down the ramp he wondered if this trip would be as bad as his last one. Three months in space towing blocks of frozen methane back to earth, came at a price. Sanity was hard to keep when you were alone in space. The last time Boijim had taken the trip to Titan, Saturns moon, he had been held stationary in space for two months while the freight association negotiated with the authorities on Titan.

It was hard enough keeping his relationship with the woman Namika on a even keel when each return trip took six months. Being dormant in space for any extra length of time was purgatory. Boijim had needs like any other being. It did not matter that he had been created in a test tube, or spent the first years of his life waiting to be born in a cryogenic chamber. Being bred to maintain star ships, did not mean he did not want company. He adored interaction. He cursed roundly when he heard that Lord Emreht, had once again denied earth access to his moons resources. It meant another period of dormancy in space and playing tank holographic games again.

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  1. Sunday Fiction

    Ah well. At least he can work on his tank skills. Good use of the prompt Michael.

    1. Michael Humphris

      Thank you SF, I really appreciate all the work you put into the Sunday Fiction site.

      1. Sunday Fiction

        Thanks Michael 🙂

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