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Photo prompt curtsy of A B
Photo prompt curtsy of Subramanya Bhat

“I promise that none will ever know Lord Gwenddoleu. This gift is especially for you. It offers the ability to travel into the future. A fine craft which maybe given a name of your choice. It can carry you on the stream of life.”

“Is it safe.”

“Well Lord it will only work once. That is the nature of the thing. So before I created this one, I built one and tested it myself. I took me far into the future. I returned with knowledge, and a wealth of skills. But first you must name the craft, so that you can control it.”

“I name this coracle the Princess Theneva. I will take passage with her into the future. When I return Myrddin, we will build a fabled dynasty, that will bring the warring tribes together into a force that can drive the Roman invaders out of our land. Strath-Clota will rise again.”

“Lord Gwenddoleu, I can not prophecy what you will find on your journey. The future was so strange. You must prepare yourself to be surprised even shocked. I shall await your return Lord.”

“Myrddin I name you Myrddin Wylit as all I found was madness.

Footnote: My story today is based on ancient British history. It is strange where a photo prompt will carry you. Historically coracles where built in many different forms across many differing cultures, a similar craft called a Currach, was historically used to travel between Ireland and Scotland

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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    1. I am sorry about the last line, the word limit beat me… Ancient Celtic history is not a straight forward subject. The last line of the tale, is supposed to be after the lord G returns. The prophet or wizard who showed this lord G the future, was many years later known as Myrddin Wyllt, who is a classical figure from early medieval welsh history. Some link Merlin with Myddin Wyllt.

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